Ch-Check it Out: You wanna be in a band for a night?

Florida musician Ben Cooper, aka Radical Face, is attempting the audacious; he would like you and your choir to join him for a show for one of his upcoming Radical Face tour dates.  What a great opportunity for any choir director or school choir to create a great experience for your students.

If you are interested, apply here.

And the music is melodic and haunting.  Personally, there's something moving about the rhythmic nature of his songs.  They are up tempo, yet contemplative. Fun, yet mournful.  In short, it's easy on the ears.

For example, check out the song "Welcome Home":


And not without it's own element of fun, check out the video he made with his relatives for "Doorways"


"Doorways" was also recently picked up for use with the very cool It gets better campaign seen here:


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