Song of the Day: "I've been tired" by the Pixies

Released in 1987 as part of the Come On Pilgrim EP, this song is just it's own thing entirely. It drifts in unannounced and makes you listen. It's one of those songs that you don't realize the lyrics beyond, "I've been tired" exist until you read them.

And when you read them... well, lets just say they pack a wallop.

Here's a live performance of "I've Been Tired" from Dutch TV in 1988:

And here's the lyrics:
One two three
She’s a real left winger ‘cause she been down south
And held peasants in her arms
She said I could tell you a story that could make you cry
What about you?
I said Me too
I could tell you a story that will make you cry
And she sighed Ah
I said I wanna be a singer like Lou Reed
I like Lou Reed she said sticking her tongue in my ear
Let’s go, let’s sit, let’s talk
Politics go so good with beer
And while we’re at it baby, why don’t you tell me one of your biggest fears?
I said Losing my penis to a whore with disease
Just kidding I said
Losing my life to a whore with disease
She said Excuse me please?
I said Losing my life to a whore with disease
I said Please... I’m a humble guy with a healthy desire
Don’t give me no shit because...
I’ve been tired
I tell a tale of a girl, but I call her a woman
She’s a little bit older than me
Strong legs, strong face, voice like milk, breasts like a cluster of grapes
I can’t escape the ways she raise me
She’ll make you feel like Solomon
Be one of your babies even if you have no one
(And while we’re at it baby, why don’t you tell me one of your biggest fears?)
Took my sleep after setting my loins on fire
But that’s OK because...
I’ve been tired
I’ve been tired
T-i-r-e-d spells it
Spells it


Ch-Check it Out: Modest Mouse "Coyotes"

The 2nd single off of Modest Mouse's forthcoming album Strangers to Ourselves is "Coyotes".

To sum up my thoughts, eff yes.

This is the sparseness of Long Drive with the polish of Moon & Antarctica. I've always loved Modest Mouse, ever since my friend Linnea was in art school and I asked her who I should listen to, and she said, "I heard Modest Mouse is pretty cool."

I picked up This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About shortly thereafter.

If you have thoughts about the song or video's meaning, I'd love to hear it. Such a good song.


Ch-check it out: Mew "Satellites" & Modest Mouse "

There are a few albums coming in March/April that are really exciting. Here's a preview:

Modest Mouse
Album: Strangers to Ourselves
Release Date: March 5, 2015
Lead Song: "Lampshades on Fire"
Listen here:

Death Cab for Cutie

Album: Kintsugi
Release Date: March 31, 2015


Album: + -
Release Date: April 27, 2015
Lead Song: "Satellites"
Listen here:


Sia on SNL was incredibly beautiful.

There is a tension in the modern dance accompanied with this performance that incredibly moved me. The song talks about an inner struggle to make/be something, and after ruminating for the day, I'm still not sure how it resolves.

It's times like this where I try to remember Louis CK's interview with Conan O'Brien, and not distract myself. Just let life consume me for a minute. Thank you, Sia. I appreciate you immensely.

As an added bonus, here is Sia's also incredible performance of "Chandelier":