Best of 2015: 1 Mew + -

1 Mew -

Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark
Standout Tracks: Clinging to a Bad Dream, Satellites, Water Slides
Mew makes cerebral rock. These Danes hole up for several years, make beautiful, emotive songs and then continue fine-tuning them into individual, nuanced masterpieces. Much like Radiohead's OK Computer, this album took a few listens until it started hitting and sticking. But when it did, man, it just stayed there and kept beckoning me back to listen to it, try to find another nuance. I have really liked their previous albums and was anxious about this album. Not only did this album not disappoint. It is my number one album of 2015. Here's the official video for "Satellites" where he intones, "My life is my own, and now I'm always home":

And here's the official video for "Water Slides", another jam from the album:

And here's the audio for my favorite track off of the album, "Clinging to a Bad Dream". There are several sections to the song, and they are all essential and excellent:

9:51 AM