Best of 2015: 9 Stromae Racine Carrée

9 Stromae Racine Carrée

Hometown: Brussels, Belgium
Standout Tracks: Formidable, Papaoutai, sommeil
I heard about Stromae from a Belgian co-worker when he showed me a video called "Stromae Takes America: New York". He's bendy keyboard music sung in French and fairly artsy. Start here:

From there, you can watch Stromae's musical handicam-esque video for my favorite Stromae song, "Formidable", where he pretends to be drunk in the middle of a Brussels bus station singing his song. Pretty great stuff (it also has 130MM views on YouTube):

And finally, he partnered with comedian Jamel to show the writing of "Alors on danse". It's funny even if you don't speak French:

And before all you American time cops come after me for putting a 2013 album in my top 10, you have to somehow convince me that you totally knew about him already. In other words, I'm asking for forgiveness later. Onward!

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