Song of the Day: "Mirage Year" by Strand of Oaks

Kind of a janky video of some guy playing the song on vinyl on to video, but the song is the business.

For the first half of the song it's a slow ballad, and then it explodes at 3:03 just after intimating, "Oh, life can bring you down" a few times. It's clear based on the album title, Heal, and the lyrics from this song, and the forlorn bearded man looking right on the album cover, and him not wearing a shirt that he's going through something. I appreciate the rawness used to bring me along on the journey. Thanks!

High quality audio can be found here.
I was in a haze, and you were in the hall
I was a fool swimming in the dark

There was one for me and many more for you
The number was a fight I couldn't lose

There were tours and songs and future plans ahead I wasn't there, I wasn't there
I admit He asked you about movies, he asked about your day

You showed him in the mirror what was ours
 I was in love, but it was changing I was in love, but it was changing

Oh, life can bring you down
Oh, life can bring you down

That winter when you took my love
And that fucker was having his fun
But my hands are worth more than your blood.

9:27 AM