The 4 Worst Albums of 2013

I just spent the evening inputing my listening habits from the last year into a spreadsheet. As excruciating as that sounds, I discovered that I've reviewed 50 albums in 2013.

My best of 2013 list is forthcoming, but in my listening adventures, there were a few albums that I gave a pretty fair shot that left me feeling like I'd just licked the top of a 9v battery. Sour. Not good. I honestly wouldn't think badly of someone who liked these albums, but I will say that I really couldn't stand them. So, without further ado, here are the 4 worst albums of 2013:

4. Hot Chip - Dark and Stormy 
3. Darwin Deez - Songs for Imaginative People 
To be fair, I did like one song off of this album, "Good to Lose".

2. Savages - Silence Yourself 
Please do.

1. Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Mosquito

I really liked Fever to Tell and It's Blitz! As much as I tried, I could not connect with this album. Take the song "Sacrilege", Karen O's voice is a little screachy, which can be used to great effect, but the added distortion to her voice actually causes my ears a little pain. It's named Mosquito. Given that this is my least favorite animal, the title is fitting. Better luck next time YYY's.

10:51 PM