I need a place where I can quickly find new music that is more interactive than Pandora. Help?

Gamification is a buzz word in the industry. It seems like that is the new thing. How do we extend Farmville to other industries? Can we make it more lightweight? Can we get the information we need, and still make it compelling?

Enter Turntable.FM. The gamification of music is effective in its implementation to say the least. While the very word avatar causes me to cringe a little, I find myslf seeking enough approval for my song choices to level up and get a cute little blue bear avatar.

The way that Turntable.FM utilizes the "I hope people like me" element around music as a passion point is really interesting as well. You finally get up the nerve to become a DJ, and you queue up your song, your turn on at the tables begins, your song starts playing and all of a sudden you are nervous. Self-doubt is present as you wait for people to click the Awesome button and start bobbing their little bear heads. I mean, what if only one person bobs their head at your selection? What if no one does?

And beyond the inherent risks in opening up your musical interests for comment, finding a room where you align musically has allowed me to discover new music more organically and with greater retention than Pandora has. And for me, it's the human element. It's finding a room of like-minded individuals who make recommendations that I trust, which causes me to act. It's the ability to connect and say, "YEAH! I also love this song!"

Have you checked out Turntable.FM? What was your experience like?

Here's a conversation I had on Turntable.FM recently when my song, "Little Bird Courage" by Old Canes, got skipped in the Indie/Folk/Chillwave room:

MJ on the Move: Did I get skipped?
Adrian Alba: think so =\
MJ on the Move: Cool. I'm curious how this works then. If my song was voted lame, that makes sense, but it the needle didn't seem to move. Can the room moderator (ie @Bon Eclair) decide they don't like it and skip the song?
MeaganG: yeah i think so
Bon Eclair: .No.
Bon Eclair: I can boot, but not skip.
Adrian Alba: no, the needle was moving down on my screen
Bon Eclair started playing "Mouthful Of Diamonds" by Phantogram
MeaganG: oh okay
Adrian Alba: sometimes its buggy and doesnt show the needle moving
MJ on the Move: oh, ok. that makes sense. thanks for the explanation. I'll try to get more in the lane of the room. like this song. GREAT SONG!
Adrian Alba: :)

Additionally, here are a few tools I have utilized to make the experience more fun:
Add on for Chrome, which matches the music video with the song that is playing. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mkmhlagbcibaoealbggancljmkfbbfgc#

Charts!  Here's a link for charts on most played songs, most popular DJs, etc.: http://ttdashboard.com/

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