My Morning Moped Music

Old photo.  The snow is actually gone now.
Several times a week, I commute to work via moped.  Despite concerns for my safety, I listen to music.  I was particularly grumpy this morning, and the random music from my phone's music library brought it back this morning.

So, I thought I'd share:

1. Passion Pit "Little Secrets" - To bring you up.  Way up.
2. Brand New "You Stole" - Maybe a little too up.  This will mellow you out.
3. Death Cab "New Year" - For the memories (Queen Anne, Seattle 2005) / Sentimental energy
4. Animal Collective "My Girls" - To regain the edge.
5. The Weeknd "What You Need" - Little dose of the sexiness doesn't hurt the swagger.

And voila. ready for work.  enjoy your day.

10:11 AM