Ch-Check it out - How to Dress Well

How to Dress Well is the project of Chicagoan/German/ Tom Krell.  Home recordings that recall a less produced Gayngs, he masterfully produces tunes and beats and seemingly gives them away for free on his blog and soundcloud sites.

It's almost a happy middle ground between Bon Iver and Gayngs.  Take for example the song that has been in my head for a few days, "Ready for the World".  The distortion on the microphone, the undulating, ground-rolling bass groove.  This song is perfect rainy day music.  Here's "Ready for the World":

Another welcome track is "Decisions".  Same awesomeness.  Listen here:

The internet folks have done us a favor by making a How to Dress Well playlist on YouTube.  Enjoy that here.

9:22 AM