Who did it better? - Bruce Springsteen vs. Rage Against The Machine

For my first contribution to Indie Actuary's ongoing "Who did it better?" series, I would like to present to you four possible options to choose from. The question is, who did "The Ghost of Tom Joad" better?

In the running we've got a brilliant original song, a cover which is a complete sylistic departure from the original in the best of ways, and 2 trick answers. You got the videos to pick from right here; you choose:

1. Bruce Springsteen: He wrote the damn song, and played it beautifully. Enough said. (Plus he plays harmonica while playing guitar at the same time... exactly how is that possible, anyways?)

2. Rage Against The Machine: They remade the song in their own image, in such an amazing way that you wouldn't know it was Bruce's unless you read the fine print in the liner notes. (And you can't read the liner notes anyways, because you're still dizzy and lightheaded from jumping around to their version of the song.)

3. Bruce Springsteen featuring Rage's Tom Morello on guitar: You take the two versions and smush them together, this is what you get. (A great option for those who can't pick between the extremes of choices 1 and 2.)

4. John Steinbeck: Bruce's song is just a "cover" of Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath" anyways. The book will rock you more than any of these songs. (But will take longer.)

1. Bruce

2. Rage

3. Bruce + Rage (just skip to 5:00 if you're in a rush...)

4. John

7:08 PM