Ch-Check it out - NEW Author for the Indie Actuary

Good Morning,
I'm here to introduce you to another author who will be contributing to Indie Actuary.  We first met when we became roommates.  I put on some sweet Appleseed Cast, and he inquired.  We've bonded over music ever since.  Eric is always looking for good music and is fairly diverse in his interests; more so than me for sure.  So, I'm pleased to have him aboard.

Now, if you are someone I talk to about music (Paul, Peter, Tom, Seth, Kyle, etc.) and you are suddenly jealous, shoot me an e-mail.  The goal here is community and good music.

Here's some info about Eric from his bio:

I am a contributing writer here at Indie Actuary. I don't play music well, and I'm an even worse writer -- but man, do I love to listen to music. Writing for this blog, in addition to learning to play the guitar, are among my new year's resolutions for 2011. I just bought my guitar and amp the other day, and now I'll join the conversation on this blog... making this the most successful resolution year I've ever had -- and it's only February. Many thanks to Matt for the invite... -Eric<

His premiere post should follow shortly.

- Matt

11:22 AM