Best of 2010 #6: Miike Snow - Miike Snow

#6. Miike Snow - Miike Snow
Grade: A-
Recommended Tracks: Animal, Burial, Sylvia, In Search Of
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Miike snow's self-titled album came to me from very good friend and very good real-estate agent Seth Peterson.

He played the opener track "Animal", and I was hooked. This Swedish three-piece is very danceable, almost party music. The album as a whole is fairly consistent effort with one minor dull spot (Can you find it?).

Miike Snow (no one in the band is named either of these) continues the great keyboard/guitar rock with "Burial" and "Silvia". Again, all very danceable.

But don't lock them into a dance music box. Songs like "In Search Of..." are great slow burns that would be great for a dinner party or for rockin' out at the office.
Check out the bands video playing "Animal" in the woods here:

Additionally, here's a great video for "Burial" shot in India:

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