Best of 2010 #2: Vampire Weekend - Contra

Vampire Weekend - Contra
Grade: A
Recommended Tracks: Taxi Cab, Run, Giving Up The Gun, I Think UR A Contra
Hometown: New York, New York

Vampire Weekend is a big name band.  As such, I struggle with wanting to promote the little guys and wanting to like what I like.  Clearly, I have chosen the latter.  I really like this album.  It feels like Vampire Weekend has only furthered their sound.  No drastic changes from album one; just deeper, more complex, fuller.

Songs like Run, Taxi Cab and Giving up the Gun are excellent on repeated listens, and really, the there aren't any bad tracks on the album.  A very solid effort.  Here's VW performing "Run" in a studio for a radio performance:


Beyond fun songs, Vampire Weekend delivered a song that I played non-stop for around three weeks in early 2010, "I Think UR A Contra".  The song has a way of lulling itself into your brain, and then lodging there; setting up residence.  I still love that song.  Here's a fan-made video for "I Think UR A Contra":


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