Best of 2010 #1: Jonsi - Go

Jonsi - Go
Grade: A
Recommended Tracks: Go Do, Animal Arithmetic, Tornado, Boy Lilikoi, Around Us
Hometown: Reykjavík, Iceland

Jón “Jónsi” Þór Birgisson is the frontman for Sigur Rós, and this year sees him releasing his solo effort Go Do.  I didn't know when I started the process this year that Jonsi would top the list, and I even struggled with putting him at the top because his latest release was so well liked.  That being said, when I honestly listened to the album straight through, there wasn't a bad track on the album.

Many have said that this album is like a more happy Sigur Rós, and that makes sense to me.  Songs like "Animal Arithmetic" are frenetic and remind you of being a boy running through the woods in early summer.  You know when you ran to see how fast you could run in the forest, as if you were being chased by someone, but really you were just trying to see if you might just have superpowers?  It somehow evokes that.  Here's a video for "Animal Arithmetic":

And "Go Do".  The song starts with a few beeps and then grabs your legs and makes them move.  Such fun stuff.  Here's a video for "Go Do":

It's been a fun ride.  Thanks for coming along for my Best Albums of 2010. Stay tuned for a wrap-up.


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