Best of 2010 #9: Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

#9. Arcade Fire - the Suburbs
Grade: B+
Recommended Tracks: We Used to Wait, Ready to Start, Half Light II (No celebration)

This album is a hard one for me. I wanted to rank it higher, but while I generally enjoyed almost all of the album and found it very listenable, there wasn't more than a handful of songs that routinely called me back and got me wanting more.  But the ones that did really called me back (see Recommended Tracks above).

One song that made waves with me and with the rest of the Nerdiverse was "We Used to Wait". With the help of Google, Arcade Fire launched an interactive music video that showcased the upcoming capabilities of HTML5. Beyond nerdiness, the experience is one of the most moving musical/digital experiences I can remember.

Please go to www.TheWildernessDowntown.com, and type in the address of your childhood home to experience the magic.

If you just want to experience the Arcade Fire's new effort, here's another great rocker from the album Ready to Start:


And here's something fun for you to play with.  Please roll over the jpg:

9:00 AM