Best of 2010 #10: Crystal Castles

While I love music and checking out the efforts of all the musicmakers, there seems to be no way to listen to everything.  So, what follows is not as much the best music that came out this year, but my favorite music of 2010:

#10. Band of Horses - Infinite Arms (tie)

 Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (tie)

Grade: B-
Recommended Tracks: Not in Love, Baptism, Fainting Spells, Celestica

Crystal Castles are not for everyone, like my wife. But I think their latest effort, be it techno, noise-rock, or what have you was a bit bipolar.  Some songs were immediately good, stayed good on multiple listens and carried you through the work day (like "Baptism") , and some songs were nearly unlistenable (like "Doe Deer").  What I can say is that I really admired their efforts to push out their boundaries and do what they are into.

I found songs like "Not in Love" (particularly the version with Robert Smith's vocals) in my head constantly.  You should probably just listen to that now.

Other songs were great to put on while I was working, and lock in and focus on the task at hand like "Fainting Spells".

And still other songs were full of movement, but were stabilized by an overlay of calming vocals like on "Celestica".

Overall, I felt it was a fittingly diverse selection of albums to round out the 10 spot on the list.

In the next coming days the list continues.  Any guesses as to who will be the other 9 on the list?

7:49 AM