Best of 2010 #10: Band of Horses (tie)

One of my favorite musical events of the year for the last 10 years or so has been reading the Best of musical lists that come out around this time of year.  To a limited extent, I enjoy reading the lists from the likes of Rolling Stone and NME, but the main event is discussing favorites with musical friends. For me, this list is a catalyst to further that conversation.

While I love music and checking out the efforts of all the musicmakers, there seems to be no way to listen to everything.  So, what follows is not as much the best music that came out this year, but my favorite music of 2010:

10. Band of Horses - Infinite Arms (tie)
Grade: B-
Recommended Tracks: Factory, Blue Beard, For Annabelle

I generally like Band of Horses, and while I didn't get into their second album, Cease to Being, as much as their first album, Funeral, Infinite Arms caught me this year with their typical slightly-bluegrass-yet-still-using-distortion indie rock.  With sweeping melodic songs like "Factory" as well as songs like "Blue Beard" that recall Hall & Oates with indie rock sensibilities, this album is worth listening to.

Throughout the album, I noticed a very effective use of harmonies that belies a maturity that you don't often see.  For example, the track "For Annabelle" uses them to great effect.  Now, I'm a sucker for descending chord progressions anyways, but coupled with the harmonies on the chorus, this song was downright epic for me.

The album could possibly have ranked higher if they had left off the last two songs on the album, which felt a little like filler songs, but overall a great effort from Band of Horses.

Enjoy what I'm talking about with this video for "For Annabelle" from Band of Horses:

And the list is kicked off!

Who do you think is next?

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