2009 Misses: Brand New - Daisy

Every year I find myself looking back at my list of favorites from last year and wondering a few things:
Why did I put that on the list?
Why didn't I put that on the list?

So, in anticipation of my upcoming 2010 favorites list, the following contains one of my "misses" from 2009.  This is just basically a 2009 album that I listened to significantly in 2010 but didn't make my best of 2009 list last year.  More to come after this:

Brand New Daisy
I had checked out this album in 2009 and it didn't jump at me.  It could be the old-time-radio-into-hardcore first track that didn't quite work for me, but throughout 2010 I found myself putting it on and listening to songs like:
"You Stole" - This song moves me.
"At the Bottom"
"Gasoline" - a hardcore track that worked for me
"Sink" - basically old school Brand New
"Bought a Bride" - There's something dark and edgy about this track that I connect with.  I honestly don't know why.  Standout lyric: 'Little cities' names on very lonely maps'

I do have to say that tracks like "Noro" are a disappointment.  Something about the production of the backing vocal on the chorus is really weird and kinda lounge-ish.

Beyond that, "You Stole" really stuck with me.  It became one of those songs that I would find the Youtube video for and just play over and over in the background while I was doing other things.  Is it that I get into grooves where I just have to listen to a song over and over?

Here's "You Stole":

2:11 PM