Indie Scoop News - Fever Marlene releases new all digital EP

If you know local Milwaukee music, Fever Marlene is arguably one of Milwaukee's most popular bands.  Known for only having two members, Scott Starr performs live by singing vocals, playing guitar with his hands and then playing the bass parts using foot pedals ripped from an organ.  This is done just how I appreciate it to be done; without fanfare, without gimmicky promotion and with an earnest desire to let the music be as full as possible.

This is not to say that Mr. Starr isn't without fanfare.  I've definitely seen him jump on stage and grab the mic from another band to sing along to what the other band was playing without permission.  That being said, one of the members of that other band and a friend of mine, A.J. Fink, played on their latest EP.  So, alls well that ends well, right?

Kevin Dunphy lays down the drums backing vocals, and as much as I can tell digital beats, as well to great effect.

This latest EP, the way we broadcast, sees them working hard to get their material to market as soon as possible instead of working for months on a full length album.  Interesting ideas here about continued engagement with your core audience by bringing smaller amounts of material to market quicker to maintain and sustain interest.

There are definitely some bright moments to this EP.  The song that has been sticking in my head this week so far has definitely been "Eastside City Kids".  There's something epic and mournful about it that I appreciate.  Listen below:

8:50 AM