Indie Scoop News - As Tall As Lions splits and Blocks emerges

As Tall As Lions

The band has split into two different groups.  Do I write a eulogy?  I'm not good at knowing release dates, but I'm good at knowing when a band hits me.  And As Tall As Lion's self-titled 2006 release, As Tall As Lions, hit me and my record player for the end of the end of 2008 and a good portion of 2009. Songs like, "Ghosts of York" still move me.  Take a listen:

They've split into two separate groups:

(1) Kilimanjaro
The following went to Kilimanjaro:
Saen Fitzgerald - Guitars 
Julio Tavarez - Bass Guitar
Duncan Tootill - Trumpet and Keyboards 
Cliff Sarcona - Drums

Kilimanjaro is best described and self-described as "improvised jazz".  Personally, this was a bit of a let down because what I most appreciated about ATAL was their concise songwriting and ability to burn their hooks and melodies into your brain and make them appear when you are doing the most mundane of tasks.  But don't take my word for it.  Check out Kilimanjaro here:

(2) Blocks
The following went to Blocks:
Dan Nigro - All

I'm not sure why the two groups broke-up, but it seems clear to me that the songwriting sensibilities that I connected with ATAL resided with Dan.  This project is exciting, and I'm pumped to see where it goes.

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