Los Campesinos! at Turner Hall, Milwaukee

The show was great.  I'll post pictures as soon as I am able.

Los Campesinos! should have been on my best of '08.  I need to post an additional post because a few bands from '08 have leapt into my consciousness of late (ie Los Campesinos! and Ra Ra Riot).

There was much dancing at the show, which brought the energy level up, but beyond that it was cool to see the band's reaction to the crowds reaction.  You can tell that this band hasn't become calloused to the audience, or to put it differently, they haven't developed that hard-edged 'poker face' that surrounds most rockers I've seen.

You can tell they are enjoying themselves.  It almost seems as if they think they are getting away with something by playing in front of a ton of people.  Like, someone would suddenly stop the show and say, "Hey, you aren't really rock stars.  You are just normal like us."

And that adds a sincerity to the show.  It's like the person who becomes even more attractive because they don't realize they are attractive.

So...... Los Campesinos! is attractive?  Yes.

Here's a video for my favorite song by them:
"We are Beatiful / We are doomed"

"Death to Los Campesinos!"

"If you catch me with my hands in the till, I promise, SUGAR, I wasn't trying to steal..."

10:49 AM