Best 20 Albums of 2008: #14 Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

20 Beck - Modern Guilt
Recommended Tracks: Gamma Ray, Modern Guilt,
19 Oxford Collapse - Bits
Recommended Tracks: The Birthday Wars, Young Love Delivers, For The Winter Coats
18 As Tall As Lions - Into the Flood EP
Recommended Tracks: Into the Flood, Blacked Out, Breakers
17 Ratatat - LP3
Recommended Tracks: Falcon Jab, Mi Viejo, Shempi
16 Brazilian Girls - New York City
Recommended Tracks: St. Petersburg, L'interprete, Good Time
15 Kings of Leon - New York City
Recommended Tracks: Use Somebody, Closer, Be Somebody

14 Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
Recommended Tracks: Tiger Mountain Peasant Song, He Doesn't Know Why, Your Protector
The Fleet Foxes have garnered a lot of buzz this year. They've often been compared to Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. They're on my list, and I get why people like them. And I like them. They are solid music. They're great folksy, driving music; not quite as quick-picking as Nick Drake, but carrying many of the same soothing sounds that drew me to Nick Drake. So, go Fleet Foxes! Here's the video for He Doesn't Know Why:


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