Best 20 Albums of 2008: #10 Plants and Animals - Parc Avenue

20 Beck - Modern Guilt
Recommended Tracks: Gamma Ray, Modern Guilt,
19 Oxford Collapse - Bits
Recommended Tracks: The Birthday Wars, Young Love Delivers, For The Winter Coats
18 As Tall As Lions - Into the Flood EP
Recommended Tracks: Into the Flood, Blacked Out, Breakers
17 Ratatat - LP3
Recommended Tracks: Falcon Jab, Mi Viejo, Shempi
16 Brazilian Girls - New York City
Recommended Tracks: St. Petersburg, L'interprete, Good Time
15 Kings of Leon - New York City
Recommended Tracks: Use Somebody, Closer, Be Somebody
14 Fleet Foxes - New York City
Recommended Tracks: Tiger Mountain Peasant Song, He Doesn't Know Why, Your Protector
13 F@!k Buttons - Street Horrrsing EP
Recommended Tracks: Sweet Love for Planet Earth, Bright Tomorrow, Colours Move
12 Coldplay - Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends
Recommended Tracks: Lost?, Violet Hill
11 Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid
Recommended Tracks: Weather to Fly, On a Day Like This, Friends of Ours

10 Plants and Animals - Parc Avenue
Recommended Tracks: Bye Bye Bye, A Good Friend, À L'orée Des Bois, Mercy

The band, Plants and Animals, is from Montreal. That's in Canada. I saw these guys perform when we were in Seattle this past June at some place on Leary. They were great. I was really glad that I got to see them, and seeing them live made me want to listen to their album more. After seeing them live, I could more tell where they got their influences. If I can say this, they are in the jam band vein without sounding like a jam band at all. That didn't really make sense. I'll try again. They like to vamp live like crazy. He makes up lyrics on the spot. They'll hit and stick on a groove for a while. Things like that. Their music reminds me of motion; anticipatory motion. They have a song that is like their hook-you-in song, and then if you like that, you should check out their other stuff. It's Bye Bye Bye and the video can be found below:


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