Takeaway Shows

If you don't know the magic that is "Takeaway Shows" or "Les Concerts A Emporter", then you are missing out. And I'm the type of person who hates it when people say things like, "OMIGOSH. You HAVEN'T seen Weekend at Bernie's 2?!?!?! You are missing out."

So, ya. It's that serious. Check this out. By now I'm sure that you are wondering what they are. So, essentially, Takeaway Shows are one shot music videos taken mostly in and around Paris by some very up and coming bands.

Some of the notable bands at Takeaway Shows are:
#80 Vampire Weekend
#77.4 Handsome Furs
#63.1 John Vanderslice
#62 Menomena
#52.1 David Bazan
#50 Sufjan Stevens
#45 Andrew Bird
#44 The Shins
#40 The National

And Others.

Here's some examples for you:

Menomena's - Wet and Rusting

Sufjan Stevens - The Lakes of Canada

Andrew Bird - Spare-Oh's

That's all I've got for now. Have a great day!

9:45 AM