Top 10 Best/Favorite Albums of 2007 (part 1): #5 - #1

The top 5 of 2007. These albums are really great. I've looked and re-looked at my choices several times, and feel like I've done a good job of honestly placing bands where I think they should be. So, here we go:

(please see my old post for a more in depth review of #15 - #6:

15. Sigur Ros - Heima and Hvarf-Heim
13. Bloc Party - Weekend in the City
12. M.I.A. - Kala
11. Band of Horses
- Cease to Begin
10. (tie) Explosions in the Sky - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
(tie) Portugal. The Man -
It's Complicated Being a Wizard
9. Andrew Bird -
Armchair Apocrypha
8. Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Live at the Pretty Parlor
7. John Vanderslice - Emerald City
6. The Frames - The Cost

5. Handsome Furs - Plague Park
Montreal band fronted by Spencer Krug, they are spectacular. Really, Spencer Krug is spectacular. He also fronts one of my most enjoyed bands, Wolf Parade. They are groovy and I dig his voice (despite the comparisons to Isaac Brock's voice). The guy's a genius and so is his music. So, check'em out!
Standout Tracks: What We Had, Handsome Furs Hate This City, Cannot Get Started, The Radio's Hot Sun.

4. The National - BoxerThe National came out of nowhere for me. I kept hearing them mentioned on sites like metacritic.com, so, I checked them out. If forced to pick a sentiment, I would say they sound like if Leonard Cohen started a rock band. That in mind, the "Leonard Cohen" singer figure looks somewhat like Lyle Lovett. Either way, this geeky bunch of Long Islanders write good songs that go down easy.
Standout Tracks: Fake Empires, Mistaken For Strangers, Green Gloves, Start a War

3. Maritime - Heresy and the Hotel ChoirThis Milwaukee band has been my warm and fuzzy spot in Milwaukee since moving back here. Former Promise Ring, now Maritime's, Davey Von Bohlen leads their latest effort. It's a cohesive collection of well-crafted indie-pop songs that make me happy to live in the same town as them. If you don't know'em, get to know'em. So, maybe you can say, "Hey, I knew about this band before they blew up." My prediction is that they will.
Standout Tracks: Guns of Navarone, For Science Fiction, Hours that you Keep, Witches and Snowmen

2. Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even SankI've only liked Modest Mouse for 10 years. So, this year is one of nostalgia to some degree. My old friends have come up with new material. I was really happy with their "Float on" success, but this album has heralded something of a return to the songwriting that I expect from Modest Mouse. This album expresses more of the great anger and energy that I have come to love from Modest Mouse, and that coupled with creative lyrics has made this band into my most listened to band. They make me smile. There is one track on this album that destroys me. It's Spitting Venom. The lyrics and the percussive nature of Isaac Brock's voice is quintessential Modest Mouse. I love it.
Standout Tracks: Fire it up, Little Motel, Spitting Venom, People as Places as People

1. Radiohead - In Rainbows
I like radiohead. I have for around 12 years now. The production value on this album is so high. As my friend Floyd would always say, "You like all that music with the beeps and whistles". And I do. This album is sonically brilliant like the class of primary school kids yelling, "Yay," on 15 step, but there are also endearing tracks on the album like Videotape that I really connect with. I'm very pleased with almost the entire album, except for House of Cards. Somehow, I just didn't get into it.
Standout Tracks: 15 Step, Reckoner, Videotape


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