Into the Wild

I read this book by John Krakauer in the Spring of 2005. I had been dating Sarah (now my wife) for around six months and had flown out to see her where she was attending school in Seattle. I stayed with one of her friends named John. After my days of spending quality time with my future wife, I would head to John's room and read Into the Wild.

The book was haunting, primal, beautiful and alluded to dreams that stir within most of us post-Industrial Revolution people. So, when I had the opportunity to see the movie last night, I did.

It captures the spirit of the book really well. The film made me want to read Tolstoy, London and Thoreau. It made me want to chuck the job and move to England. or back to Seattle. or Edinburgh. or the Bay area. or Portland. It stirs the desire in me to move; to continue to push out the boundaries in my own way. Sarah said much the same thing on the way home.

I read a great article published in 1993 about Chris McCandless. You can read it here.
Also, here's the trailer for the film.

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