Indie Rock Scoop #2: Maritime

Maritime is a Milwaukee-based band fronted by former Promise Ring member, Davey Van Bohlen. They play clean electric guitars for the most part, and are very easy on the ears. My hope is that they explode soon, and with their October tour supporting Jimmy Eat World, it could happen.

I recently saw them perform at UW-Milwaukee for a free show, and they were extremely nice and gracious for a band with as much credibility as them. They are not to be missed. Their new album Heresy and the Hotel Choir drops in early October. Here is what Pitchfork media had to say about my favorite track so far from the new album, "For Science Fiction":

"Davey von Bohlen's melody bobs and weaves around the guitar-less verses, and I've never heard the lyric "freaks come out at night" sound quite so innocuous. But this one's all about the chorus, coming on so strong it takes a few listens to find out how sweet it is, with reaching, swooning vocals that cement von Bolen as the star here. If the third album's as sharp as this, then we can finally stop endorsing his singing as "not whiny"."
- Pitchfork

I have included two of the tracks from Heresy and the Hotel Choir here:
"For Science Fiction"
"Guns of Navarone"

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