Download Festival 2007 | Charter One Pavilion | Chicago

The Download Festival started in England, but was bought out by Live Nation. And Live Nation is a psychotic promoter. They had Vitamin water everywhere, some horrible nowwhat.com tent, an army recruiting tent, several different VIP areas, and this platform in the back that held globed chairs hanging from risers for people promoting some sort of 5 gum to sit in. LAME!!!

But the music was good. We came a little late for Wolf Parade's set, but they were pretty great, nonetheless. Here's a video clip of them performing, "I'll believe in anything".

Great song. Their ability to perform more energetically live than on the album really impressed me. They've moved up quite a bit in my estimation since this show. Additionally, I would like to take this opportunity live up to the stereotype purported by this guy who was reviewing Wolf Parade's album for amazon.com in saying that I like Wolf Parade and hate the Arcade Fire. The Arcade Fire does absolutely nothing for me. That is after several listens separated by months at a time over two albums.

Minus the Bear was there, but uninteresting.

Then came Band of Horses.
This Seattle turned South Carolina band is good. I was obsessed with them a little over a year ago, and I am excited for their new album to come out, but I just can't adore them. I think I would like to, though. They put on a very engaging show, spending a lot of time talking to a gent by the name of Jason Moore, whom I am very sure that they had no prior knowledge of. Some guys were yelling at the lead singer to ask the whereabouts of Jason Moore, and the singer did. He then referred to Jason Moore throughout the show, and then did a kickin' cover incorporating Jason Moore's name into it. You could tell that they had fun on stage, and it was enjoyable to watch them.

Brand New followed Band of Horses, and they did not disappoint. My brother recommended them to me, and they were great. They are an indie rock band that dabbles in dashboard confessional-style punk. That's about the best way I can describe it, but that doesn't do them justice because they are really much better than that. This Long Island band has been in heavy rotation this last couple of weeks. So, check'em out (you can see most of their set at this link)! Additionally, I was really into the bassist's back-hawk. I want one. Thoughts?

9:37 AM