This is not my list of the best albums of 2005. I feel somehow altogether unqualified to comprise a list of the end-all, be-all albums of 2005. That's like the time when my mom asked me which bands that are out right this second are going to have the staying power to be around in 25 years. Who knows that. So, I don't know what the "best" albums of 2005 are. I googled that, and came up with a large list of groups that I had listened to or then checked out, and was less than impressed (read "the Decemberists", "Bright Eyes", "My Morning Jacket"). One did. His name is Andrew Bird, and he is really, really good. So, maybe check him out.

This is a list of my most played 2005 artists. There were albums released from previous years that were played heavily (Death Cab Transatlanticism, and Gift of Gab 4th Dimensional Rocketships), but this is a list of artists who released material in 2005 that I listened to quite a bit. It seems a bit more honest. The urge to be cool, and say I liked what the indie rock critics LOVED was there, so, I tried to change up the criteria to reflect more about me than the "independent" rockers who scream their love at stuff that I don't really get into. There are albums on the list that I'm sure won't impress anyone. So, here goes (in order):

8. M83 - Before The Dawn Heals Us
Electric, frenetic, and I found out about it through one of my most hated car brands, the Pontiac.
Favorite Song: Don't Save Us From The Flames

7. Beck Guero
Very Danceable.
Favorite Song: Rental Car

6. Common Be
This is great hip-hop. He made a great choice in having Kanye as his producer.
Favorite Song: Chi City

5. Nada Surf - The Weight is a Gift
This band had one hit along time ago with "Popular", and I randomly found this album. It's fun pop rock. It's shameless(even when maybe some would be good), and catchy.
Favorite Song: Your Legs Grow

4. Alkaline Trio Crimson
It kept finding it's way into my CD player, I'll say it out loud. Yes, I like pop-punk rock.
Favorite Song: Burn

3. Death Cab For Cutie Plans
It took me a while to warm up to them, but I am now fully warm. Several songs off of this album, as well as Transatlanticism, have simply floored me with their melodic chillness. I first saw them at the 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis opening for Pedro the Lion. My thought then? "Meh." Oh, how the times have changed.
Favorite Song: Different Names for the Same Thing

2. Sigur Ros Takk
Icelandic. Atmospheric. Epic. E-raq. Wooden Indian.
Used commonly in the sentence: "The band, Low, is like a more boring Sigur Ros."
Favorite Song: Glosoli

1. Sufjan Stevens Illinois
This album has moved me. It's extremely diverse. I actually seemed to coincide with the critics in saying that it is one of the best albums if not THE BEST album released this year. It has rarely missed a playing at work, home, the car, or school. This is someone whom I would ask that you check out. I hear the next album is either Oregon or Rhode Island. Go Sufjan! (pronounced Soof-yahn by snobs, and Soof-john by me[a different sort of snob])
Favorite Song: John Wayne Gacy Jr.

Honorable Mentions For Singles I listened to quite a bit are:
Athlete - Wires
Goldfrapp - Black Cherry (thanks, Pete)
Kanye West - Goldigger

What are your most listened to albums of 2005? Top ten? Top whatever?
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