Stories from the Vault: Installation #1

I decided that sharing stories from subbing is a good time. So, here goes:

This story involves four people. 3 girls and 1 boy. I was subbing in an History classroom, and the students had a "work" (read free time with a four question worksheet) day.

Two girls were sitting together, and another girl was sitting on the other side of the room. One of the two girls said that the girl on the other side of the room was "a bitch".

The girl on the other side of the room replied with, "What'd you call me?"
The 3rd girl sitting next to her friend replied, "Well if the shoe fits."

The girl on the other side of the room proceeded to launch into a tirade, literally screaming obscenites at the two girls for around 7 minutes. I stood in front of this girl knowing full well that if she got up to charge, which registerd as a very high probability, there was precious little that I could do about it. She was too mad. I would've been laid out. So, I was dumbfounded. It was one of the few times this has occurred. I wasn't afraid, just stunned.

So, in comes the boy of the story. An ever-smiling 6-3, 285lb football player leaps to the center of the room, and says (word for word), "Ok, I didn't want to HAVE to do this, BUT... I'm gonna do a strip dance here in the middle of the classroom until you three quiet down."

The one girl continues screaming. The class is roaring with laughter. And he begins to strip with hips swaying.

The dress shirt. The T-shirt. The undershirt. The belt.

It finally stopped at the belt. The entire class was laughing pretty hard. As was I. It was a good day.

2:08 PM