Hannah Bear Glatzel

I'd like you all to welcome the newest occupant of the Glatzel apartment, Hannah Bear Glatzel. We got a puppy. I've heard:

"It's what newlyweds do."
"It's like having a child. Maybe child lite." (you know, like Miller Light)
"It's the gateway drug for having kids."

They are all SO true.

She's a Newfoundland mix, and we totally dig her. We've lost a lot of sleep in an attempt to housetrain her. We've only had one accident. Sweet.

Her Mom's name was Star. We got her from the Lil Waif Animal Shelter in Bothell, WA. They work with Yakima Valley Animal Rescue, which saves as many dogs as possible from euthanization. There is a large number of dogs there because most animals on the Yakima Indian Reservation (where they come from) run around unspayed and unregulated. This is a recipe for mass breeding. A picture of Star is below. They look nothing like each other. As you can see...

Have a great day all.

5:10 PM