I started writing again. Kind of.

I guess that I just made the effort to take out the guitar. I'll do it again tonight. The chords that I came up with are: Bm - G - F#m - Bm - A - D....
Maybe I forgot it. Dang!
I'm feeling pretty great lately. I know that Sarah loves me. There's a certain security in knowing. It's funny how the pop-psychology theory on love languages comes into play. I'm so affectionate, and I notice when she's not being that way. It's been good to realize that, and discuss it with her.

Subbing is nothing to brag about. Selling yourself to a new batch of kids every day. You feel whore-ish after a while. A broken record rotates, pauses, then starts the rotation again. I can relate to that these days. But am I ready for my own classroom? The prospect of that frightens me quite a bit as well. I think I just need a good night's sleep. Good night.

1:26 AM