Lost in Translation

Somewhere along the way, I moved out to Seattle. She's out here, and that is good for now. I tell myself that when my body asks about the mild insomnia, the slight indiscretions at undergraduate mixers, and the general fog my head is in due to the aforementioned mild insomnia; mild insomnia despite total exhaustion.

I started writing lyrics for the first time in ages...

"New thoughts on an old theme comes through
Pipelines drown out the streetcars and their warm hums.
Downspouts to out the dirt
Does she know that it hurts, to start over.

Old friends take up all of my time.
New friends are lost and I’m sleepwalking.
Green lights blur into rain streaks."

I think I was working off of the Shins, "New Slang" song as a template.

This is the first post for my blog. How do I proceed. Do I wait for people to Google Matthew J. Glatzel and find it? Do I spread the word?
Maybe I can sleep now.
That's all for now.
Sleep well.

3:00 AM